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Audience Development Thought-Leaders Partner to Launch the Premier Audience Building Agency: Little Monster Media Co.

Little Monster Media Co. Helps Clients Build Real, Engaged Video Audiences

LOS ANGELES – Matt Gielen and Jake Krengel, two of the visionaries behind the wildly successful Channel Frederator & Cartoon Hangover, have partnered with Mark Robertson, Founder of ReelSEO (now TubularInsights.com) to launch Little Monster Media Co.

Little Monster Media Co. is dedicated to helping brands build and grow audiences for social media platforms by leveraging the power of video with a primary focus on YouTube, Facebook, and other emerging social video platforms. The company’s primary focus is providing strategic consultation, corporate training and operational support for major brands who want to build and cultivate real, engaged audiences through video. Little Monster Media believes that the combination of access to an audience and the love of that audience, along with data-driven strategic and tactical execution, is key to building a sustainable media property. Already, Little Monster Media Co. is working with such distinguished brands as Condé Nast, Fandango, Omnia Meida / Arcade Cloud, Whistle Sports, Super Deluxe, Donut Media, Ripple Entertainment, and many YouTube creators such as Yoga With Adriene to help them build their fan base.

Audience development on digital platforms is a complex blend of art & science and I’m honored to be working with such an amazing team that lives and breathes to figure out the mix. We’re all excited to be working with such incredible clients to create the right blend for their brands,” said Gielen.

Jake Krengel added, “I’m fascinated by the disruptive nature of digital video. Conventional wisdom is fleeting so in order to stay on top brands and creators have to be comfortable with a certain amount of experimentation to find their winning strategy. Mark, Josh, Matt, and I each approach video from a slightly different vantage point. I couldn’t be more excited about working with such a savvy group of digital strategists.”

“As a veteran of the digital video space for over a decade, it’s been an amazing experience to observe, and be an integral part in the rise and evolution of digital video.  When executed in combination with data-driven, proven strategies and best practices – digital video is by far, the greatest medium available to communicate with, and grow audiences online.  I’m extremely excited to partner with these passionate heavy-hitters, to extend our vast knowledge, expertise, and network with the authentic aim of helping brands and media companies succeed and move fast-forward with video.” said Robertson

For years, the Little Monster Media team have been thought leaders in the industry, giving speeches at major conferences such as VidCon, Playlist Live and Social Media Week, publishing white papers and opinion pieces, and giving interviews to publications including TubularInsights, Tubefilter, VideoInk, and StreamDaily, as well as the All Things Video podcast.

About Matt Gielen:

Matt Gielen is the former VP of Programming and Audience Development for Frederator Networks. Matt guided his team as they built the largest animation platform in the world, The Channel Frederator Network to 500 million monthly views and 3,000 partners. He also led the teams producing and programming Frederator Networks’ owned and operated channels on YouTube: Channel Frederator, The Leaderboard, and Cinematica which cumulatively had 1.7 million subscribers and 22 million monthly views after just one year.

About Mark Robertson:

With nearly two decades of experience in the digital media industry, Mark Robertson is a web video publishing, digital marketing, and SEO expert. As the founder of ReelSEO (acquired by Tubular Labs) and ReelSummit, Mark has been at the center of some of the most important conversations in online video for the past 10 years. Mark has worked on digital-video initiatives with numerous major brands and media companies including Zappos, SalesForce, Century21, HBO, NBC Universal, Brightcove, and many others. He’s a frequently sought-after keynote speaker for conferences worldwide, including: VidCon, VidSummit, E-Marketing Paris, Streaming Media, SMX, PubCon, and many more.

About Jake Krengel:

Jake Krengel oversees operations and heads up production at Little Monster Media Co. He got his start as a lowly PA on a feature film in London. After that, he transitioned into the digital world, where he’s been creating content and developing audiences for the last eight years, amassing millions of subscribers and views along the way. He has a healthy addiction to YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Audible, Podcasts, and the comic book shop around the corner from his apartment. He’s a super fan who understands firsthand what it’s like to consume great content and has a passion for developing new audiences.