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Decades of Experience Optimizing Digital Video

Little Monster Media Co. is dedicated to helping brands build and grow audiences for social media platforms by leveraging the power of video with a primary focus on YouTube, Facebook, and other emerging social video platforms. The company’s focus is providing strategic consultation, corporate training and operational support for major brands who want to build and cultivate real, engaged audiences through video.

Little Monster Media believes that the combination of access to an audience and the love of that audience, along with data-driven strategic and tactical execution, is key to building a sustainable media property.

											WME IMG 
											CBS Interactive 
											NBC Universal 
											Pocket Watch 
											Sesame Street Studios 
											Halfbrick Studios 
											Conde Nast Entertainment 
											Ripple Entertainment 
											Whistle Sports 
											Donut Media 
											All Time 10s 
											Arcade Cloud 
											Yoga with Adriene 
											Go90 from Verizon 
											Football Daily 
											The Piano Guys 
											Crowd Mobile 
											Omnia Media 
											M2M Made To Measure 
											Super Deluxe

Social Video Expertise

Little Monster Media: We Build Audiences

Grow your audience through training and strategy consultation.


Grow your audience by hiring us to manage a part or all of your video content pipeline for your O&O brand pages.

Paid Media

Grow Your Audience by leveraging our paid media expertise.

Founding Monster

Matt Gielen is the founder and CEO of Little Monster Media Co. Formerly, he was VP of Programming and Audience Development at Frederator Networks.

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